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Tube N Clamp

Build Sturdy Tube-n-Camp Scaffolding Structures


Item #          Size                            Weight

T-4          4' tube w/Ends       12 lbs.

T-6          6' tube w/Ends       13 lbs.

T-8          8' tube w/Ends       22 lbs.

T-10        10' tube w/Ends      27 lbs.

T-13        13' tube w/Ends      34 lbs.

T-16        16' tube w/Ends      40 lbs.

Tube and Clamp Scaffold

Find all of the equipment necessary to build your Tube N Clamp Structures. 4' to 20' Tubes. Quick Lock Base Plates. Casters.



Right angle clamp.


Item #          Description          Weight

RAC         Clamps           4 lbs


Base Plate for Tube and Clamp Scaffolding


Item #          Description          Weight

TC-BP       Base Plate      58 lbs



Swivel Clamp


Item #          Description          Weight

SWC         Clamps          4 lbs

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