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Roof Bracket
Quality Roof Bracket


Item #            Width        Length        Angle         Weight

306           2 in.     6 in.      60˚       2 lbs.

346           2 in.     6 in.      45˚       2 lbs.

356           2 in.     6 in.      90˚       2 lbs.

Roof Hook

Quality Roof Hook comes with wheel on back. Attaches to any style extension ladder. Made from Steel. Only need 1 per ladder


Item #            Weight

81DR        7 lbs.

Adjustable Steel Roof Bracket

Quality Adjustable Steel Roof Bracket.  Holds up to a 10" plank and adjusts to 45, 60 and 90 degree angles.


Item #         Weight

19038     4 lbs.

Roofing Equipment

Steel Wall Bracket

Affix these Quality Steel Wall Brackets to your structure and Build a Stable platform to work from. Perfect for working along a Roof Line.


Item #            Weight

12048      20 lbs.






Guard Rail Post Holder with Post

Use the Guard Rail Post Holder with Post to attach rails and secure the platforms for the work crew


Item #           Weight

12056      8 lbs.







Fall Protection

The roofing kit that you will recieve includes a Harness, 6' shock lanyard, 50'-5/8" Lifeline, 5/8" Rope Grab, Reusable Roof Bracket and tool Bag.


Item #                Weight

RK              60 lbs.

Steel Stand Off

Use this Durable Steel Standoff when attaching Ladders to the roof. Create a stable working environment that you can count on


Item #                Weight

11710          20 lbs.



Steel Over Plate Hanger

The key to Roof Line-Building Attached Scaffolding. This Sturdy Plate Hanger provides the Support that you can Depend on.


Item #           Weight

12020      20 lbs.

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