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Leveling Jack with Welded
Swivel Base

For use on uneven Surfaces. 1-3/8" diameter. 24" tall with 18" of vertical Adjustment. Durable Steel Construction.


Item #          Weight

SJ              14 lbs

Pig Tail Pin


Item #          Weight

GP              13 lbs / 100

Toggle Pin


Item #          Weight

TP              13 lbs / 100

20" Tubular Saddle Side Bracket

Add a Side Bracket to your Scaffolding.


Item #        Length         Weight

SB-20          20"              13 lbs.

SB-24          24"              14 lbs.

8" Industrial Caster

Use these High Quality 8" Casters on the base of your scaffolding for easy movement. Casters each have a 500# capacity and locking mechanism for safe stationary use.



Item #          Weight

C8              12 lbs

10' Galvanized Cross Braces

Choose from a variety of lengths to expand or contract the length of your Scaffodling Towers.


Item #        H2H Dimensions        Weight

B102        10' 2-3/4"             17 lbs

B1027      10' 3-5/32"            17 lbs

B103        10' 5-5/16"            17 lbs

B104        10' 9-1/4"              17 lbs

7' Galvanized Cross Braces

Choose From our Large List of High Quality, Low Priced Scaffolding Accessories.


Item #     H2H Dimensions          Weight

B72        7' 3-3/8"                13 lbs

B727      7' 4-15/32"             13 lbs

B73        7' 7-3/8"                13 lbs

B74        8' 3/4"                   13 lbs

Leveling Jack with Welded
Swivel Base


Add 18" of vertical adjustment with this 24" Jack. (1-3/8" diameter)


Item #               Weight

ALSO              14 lbs

Leveling Jack with Base Plate


1-3/8" diameter. 24" high with a vertical adjustment of 18".


Item #               Weight

ALBP              14 lbs

Steel Base Plate

Add more stability to your scaffold structures with a base plate.


Item #          Weight

BP              3 lbs

Scaffold Tower Guard Rail System

Guard Rail System contains 4 guard rail posts, 4 end rails and 4 side rails.


Item #          Description              Weight

GR-5         5 feet                   4 lbs.

GR-7         7 feet                   6 lbs.

GR-10       10 feet                 8 lbs.

GRP          Guard Rail Posts    6 lbs.

Angle Iron Side Bracket

20" Angle Iron Side Bracket to be used with scaffolding.


Item #          Weight

SB21A         9 lbs

All Steel Hoist Arm
  • 75lb Capacity

  • Approx. Weight 20 lbs. per hoist arm.

*Well Wheel not included


Item #          Weight

HA             25 lbs

12" Diameter Well Wheel

Use this Well Wheel on your Hoist Arm. Transfer equipment and materials up and down your scaffolding with this simple and effective tool. The well wheel adds another effective dimension to your scaffolding structures.


Item #          Weight

WW            15 lbs

Mortar Board

20" x 30" Collapsible Mortar Stand.


Item #          Weight

MBS            12 lbs

6 Foot Access Ladder

Very Durable all Steel Access Ladder. Brackets bolt directly to the scaffold.


Item #          Weight

ACC-7         25 lbs

Coupling Pin without Collar

1 3/8" Coupling Pin without collar


Item #          Weight

SCP-WA      1 lbs.

Coupling Pin with Collar

6" Coupling pin with collar


Item #          Weight

SB21A         1 lbs.

Spring Retainer

Spring Retainer for Coupling Pins


Item #          Weight

SPR            1/4 lbs.

Tie Brace/Push Tube with Clamp

The Tie Brace is designed to attach your scaffold to building to meet OSHA specification. Our Tie Brace comes with pre drilled holes to enable you to attach to corner or to flat walls. Tie brace comes with the bar and the clamp to attach bar to scaffold


Item #              Weight

TieBrace         12 lbs

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